J.K. Slingerland
Department of Mathematical Physics
National University of Ireland
Maynooth, co. Kildare, Ireland

Hi, I am Joost Slingerland . I'm a theoretical physicist working on topological phenomena in condensed matter physics and on their application to topological quantum computation. For some introductory material on topological quantum computing you can view my Topological Quantum Media Pages.

I am a lecturer in the department of mathematical physics at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. I am also affiliated with the School of Theoretical Physics of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (I was a Schrödinger Fellow there from 2007 until 2009). I am a member of DaQisT, the Dublin Area Quantum Information Science and Technology Group.

Here's a link to a list of my publications and other writings.
I am principal investigator of a Research Group working on Topological Order, Quantum Computation and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland.

In Spring 2016, I am teaching
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In Fall 2015, I was on sabbatical in Oxford

In Fall 2014, I taught

Some history...
In 2006-2007, I was a postdoc at UC Riverside, with Kirill Shtengel, as well as a long term visitor in theoretical physics at the Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech. Before that I worked at Station Q , Microsoft's research station dedicated to topological quantum computation, which was housed in the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB and has now moved to the California Nanosystems Institute, next door to the KITP.

Right now, I am not looking for a new job. Still, you are welcome to have a look at

I also sing with the Mornington Singers. Have a look at our website for details of upcoming performances.